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Refill Marauder from a GI Sportz paintball tank


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  • Stephen K

    Dom, first of all, just go to your local paintball store that fills nigh pressure tanks. You'll find that they deal with airpgun isues quite often and generally will have what fittings you might not have on the whip (hose) from your tank to hook up to the "Foster" fitting on the Marauder. I think the bigger problem is going to be the size of the tank you're using. It's too small for anything but taking to the range or into the woods hunting. If you are a real enthusiast and shoot a lot, that tank is going to have to be refilled too often, unless the paintball air fill station is next door to here you live. Most PCP gun owners, myself included use an 88 cu. ft. High Pressure Air tank. Either a scuba tank or even better. A tank made out of Carbon Fiber. The beauty of the carbon fiber tank is it's ability to hold 4500 psi to give you a lot of fills for your 72 cu. inch pony tank.

    Good luck. Anyone else with PCP questions feel free to email me at


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