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My gun is loud or louder than I anticipated.


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  • life is a journey

     my gun is louder then i thought ? well wich one,well i got to say i like this ,an to add to it with safety in mind too, being close to around buildings fences will also affect sound ,i would also say they can help keep the sound more in the yard too keep it down,now that being said ,some are just not for back yard use ,i dont think some use commen sence ,when shooting a 3,57 threw some wood on youtube in there house with trap behind it ,i will guess to say its a choice i would not make with such a powerful air rifle,now my gamo swarm .22  &  my hatsan 30 cal break ,can be shot in my 1/4th arce yard carefully with a scope,next to me i have nothing but woods for 700 feet or more, a couple dead trees an a pile of sand about 6 feet high that helps alot ,so would say wich one a person owns too an the kinda suppressor one has ,though one can make the say 3,57 very quiet i still don think it should be shot ,in my back yard for alot of reasons they teach us with firearms safety ,my gamo swarm .22 to 975 fsp book says to have 500 feet open from the back stop now for indoor ranges it would not apply   ,so if we  want them quiet for a back a yard friendly rifle ,or our ears ,we one should know they have ear plugs cheap Enough ,the kinda air rifles out these days  high power air rifles should be treated like a firearm,so those who would a shoot rim fire 3.57 in the living room may not be thinking about gun safety ,my 2 cents ,is take it out to a range an or one big field ,take the time to know whats around you 500 feet or more  S E W N of the spot your shooting for targets,around where i live many are shooting there high caliber rifles an makes my pellet rifles seem very quiet ,so suppressor ear protection or deep in the woods ,an #1 safety comes first,not to mention most states say 300 feet from others property with rim fire , we should use some of  the same thoughts behind some of these high powered air rifles to prevent accidents too as well


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