India Specific Restrictions




  • sunny chakraborty

    Hi Matthew why can't you ship the product at this moment is there any issue. Please do reply as far I know I have ordered a product from redwolfairsoft and my product did reached to my place. Please reply


  • Eric Wilson

    Hi Sunny, I have updated the article with a little more detail. We are restricted by our shipping partners from sending anything to India right now. We are working with them to come to a solution, and will update this page when we finally do. 

    I believe RedWolf is out of Hong Kong, unfortunately for us shipping from the United States we are facing restrictions. 

  • Wangfai Rigia

    Mr Mathew, plz be in touch with me and when the shiping route or system is clear then plz plz n plz send my order i.e. Benjamin Marauder synthetic stock .22 caliber air rifles and whole accessories which I had add in cart.
    I am from India.

  • Awini

    Wangfai Rigia, You can't import anything larger than .177 calibre into India, unless you have obtained a licence for it. If you don't have a licence or a membership in a recognised shooting club, whatever you import from anywhere, will not clear customs.

  • Ajay Athithan

    Matthew Z .... waiting for your positive reply on import to INDIA ..once it is clear we would go for a competition grade weapon WALTHER  LG 400 . kindly update ..

  • Manish

    Hi Matthew I'm eagerly want to buy Swiss arm metal pistol, can u plz tell me that is this product restricted in India or not...

  • Sumit Ambwani

    Also is there any way to be in touch with you so that we can get the latest update in regards with the shipping status., I mean instead of visiting the page.

  • Matthew Z

    Sorry for the delay. We will do our best to notify everyone if we are able to resume shipping to India. As we are always searching for new ways to be able to safely import our goods, there is no time frame or estimate as of yet as to if or when this will happen. If there comes the time when we can, we will be sure to let everyone know what paperwork and importing licenses are needed as soon as we know  more information. We do apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • Akhruzo Dozo

    Hi Matthew I need Gamo swarm Maxim 22cal to do some pest please find a way to shipped this product I'm from India

  • Aadi Bhagat

    Have you started shipping to india??

  • Matthew Z

    We are still not yet able to ship to India. We are always continuing to finding a way to be able to ship but we unfortunately still do not have any way to know if or when this will happen. We do apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • lucky dakpe

    Sir,kindly please ship my order 426031 to India as soon as restrictions are removed for India. If it takes a year I don't mind.

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