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Can you service my Airgun?



  • Tim Lawson

    My air pistol was bought 8 months ago from Pyramyd Air. I believe it's still under warranty. How do I go about getting warranty work done to my pistol?

  • Matthew Z

    We are sorry to hear there is a problem with your pistol. The best way to get this handled would be to reach out to one of our support representatives to help check on the order and see what warranty is left and if it is through us or the manufacturer. Our number is 888-262-4867 and we are available from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 530 pm eastern. Or you can email your order number to our support team at 

  • Lin Htin

    I am meet with sth air leakage problem .
    Bsa r10 mk2 .177 from regulator and
    Hatsan galatian. 25 from valve stem sal.
    I would like to repair myself.
    How to order for needed parts.

  • Ted Doherty

    I bought the Crosman C 11 dual guns and one of them is so stuck the magazine will not even come out can I get this fixed under warranty also about two weeks ago I bought the cheap $12 laser sight and it stopped working about a week ago could you please look at that as well since I'll be sending my gun to you, if you can't get it to work just through 8t in the garbage as I,m not going to buy another and one last thing I am trying to buy 2 boxes of co2 cartridges (40ct) and this is the error message I get when I try and check out
    "Oops... An error has occurred on this web page. If you continue to experience problems with this web page please let us know. Click here to contact us. If you don't feel like it, don't worry! Our IT department received a notification anyway and is probably already researching the issue." Ted Doherty


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